Rethinking Healthcare With A Patient-First Mindset

Through our suite of APIs, telehealth startups are now able to provide digital pharmacy and at-home lab testing services to their patients seamlessly in multiple African countries instantly.

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We allow you to focus on your core business while we take care of your back-end operations

We provide full visibility into the pharmacy and diagnostics operation without you having to build a back-end pharmacy or diagnostic infrastructure yourself.

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Pharmacy API

By connecting to our pharmacy fulfilment API, this enables us to receive, fulfill and deliver prescriptions to your patients' doorstep through our network of retail pharmacies and logistics infrastructure.

White labelling & custom packaging

we are here to represent your brand.

Our network of pharmacies make sure to white label your patients’ prescriptions- including custom packaging & marketing material.

At-home lab testing

We work with lab testing providers to offer hundreds of at-home tests, focusing on tests to manage chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, chronic kidney disease and STIs

Doorstep delivery

We ship prescriptions to your patients’ doorstep beginning with

Central region, Uganda.

Lagos and Nairobi coming soon.


Why Choose Us

Our Patient-First Healthcare Mindset

Our vision as a company is to create a firm foundation for the next frontier in view of how the healthcare industry will look in the next decades to come, and that starts with putting the patient at the center as we redesign and reimagine the future ahead.

The way we see it, your patients are our patients. When we improve their healthcare experience, everyone succeeds.

This positions us as collaborators and enablers in the ecosystem and we are doing this by creating an API-Connected Healthcare platform that helps manage and scale your operations from:

  • Pharmacy fulfillment through which you connect, enabling us to fulfil and deliver prescriptions to your patients’ doorstep.
  • At-home lab testing, especially for managing critical chronic conditions.
  • Access to a network of licensed providers who are managed and undergirded by a custom-built electronic health record system.
  • White labelling and custom packaging of your prescription orders to represent your telehealth brand.
  • For our pharmacy network, pharmacies can instantly create an omni-channel experience to increase their nationwide access to patients who could never be reached before.
  • Strict quality control measures and transparency engrafted in our system and operations.

Who We Are

We are a team who have a dream to modernise the African healthcare system and believe this can greatly be realised through digital technology.

We believe that telemedicine will be the most used channel for patients to seek healthcare and is an avenue for us to expand universal health coverage, especially for underserved populations.

Our mission is to help scale the telehealth operations of startups in this space by providing the tools necessary for them to provide a world-class healthcare
experience to patients with our API-Connected Healthcare ecosystem.

By building all the infrastructure needed and giving access through a simple API, telehealth platforms can now focus on building products and creating innovative experiences for their patients, not on building back-end infrastructure.

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What We Offer

all our partners
  • For pharmacies

    Join our pharmacy fulfillment infrastructure and create an omni-channel experience for your patient.
    Join one of our accredited networks of pharmacies and deliver medications directly to your patient’s doorstep through our delivery infrastructure.

  • For manufacturers

    Reimagine and rethink your traditional distribution channels as well as reach new untapped consumers with our medicine consumption data for faster consolidation of your existing markets and limited costs spent on market research.

    “Control your patient’s experience” Create and customise your own Direct-to-Patient experience with our Shopify-like ecommerce solution and utilise our pharmacy fulfillment infrastructure to deliver your medication therapies directly to your patient’s doorstep, giving greater exposure to your brands of medicine.

  • For lab facilities

    Offer a digital-first lab testing experience to your patients and healthcare providers by allowing them to have at-home lab testing and relieve them from the burden of queueing in long lines.

  • For telehealth brands/startups

    Same-day delivery to your patients’ doorstep
    We offer same-day delivery of prescriptions to your patients with our efficiently built delivery system and pharmacy fulfillment API.

    At-home lab testing services
    We pick up your patients' test samples and deliver them to our lab testing facilities. Results are relayed back to you through our diagnostics API and EHR platform.

    Provider onboarding
    We help you onboard the best doctors, specialists and nurses to provide both telehealth and home-based treatments.

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